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A.J. Foyt Honored With The Spirit of Ford Award

Congratulations to our 24-Hour War talking head and beloved racing legend A.J. Foyt. On April 6, he was honored with the prestigious Spirit of Ford award at the Road Racing Drivers’ Club dinner in Long Beach, California. The award, sponsored by the Ford Motor Company, recognizes the most influential and skillful racing champions in the sport’s history. […]

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The Need For Speed: Here Comes Speed Racer, So You’d Better Look Alive

Speed Racer’s name matches his occupation, which goes it one better than any dentist named Dr. Stanley Smiley. The puzzlement, of course, is that he wears a “G” on his never-changed shirt and an “M” on his crash helmet, which we’ll owe to cultural confusion and lazy translation. He’s as competent, loyal and true as a […]

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Add some LEGO Ford GT to your next 24 Hour War Screening!

Looking for something to fun to do with your kids while watching Chassy Media’s The 24 Hour War? LEGO has come up with the perfect companion piece for the film. Just released for sale last month, the plastic brick-builder’s 2016 Ford GT & 1966 Ford GT40 set not only looks cool, but should make for […]

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Let’s Screen It Again! Winning: The Original 1969 Paul Newman Flick

In 1969, two Paul Newman films were released (which is why they were called the good old days): Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and Winning. As Blake Z. Wong noted in Road & Track: One of those movies made him a legend. But the other made him a race car driver. That’s a brilliant observation, […]

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Adam Carolla Finishes on Podium in Trans Am Debut

It was a race of firsts last Sunday when the Trans Am West Coast Championship held its inaugural race at Willow Springs International Raceway in Rosamond, CA. The race marked the first time a Trans Am event was hosted at Willow Springs – a track famed for its preserved original layout since it opened in […]

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The Devil’s Mercedes: The 770K is Hell On Wheels

The Mercedes Benz 770K limousine would be considered a sweet ride if not for its evil, sinister history. In 1938, the company produced it exclusively for the top brass of the Nazi party, including Adolph Hitler himself. Yep, a monster riding a monster: the car was twenty-feet long, bulletproof, upholstered in glove leather and supercharged. […]

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Remembering John Surtees (1934-2017)

Chassy Media is deeply saddened to learn about the passing of John Surtees last Friday. Surtees was born to a motorcycle dealer on February 11, 1934 in Surrey, England, which destined the Brit to an early life of motorcycle racing. In 1949, at age 15, Surtees entered his first motorcycle race on a grasstrack before […]

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A Bug’s Life: Ride the VW Beetle’s Wild Timeline

The Volkswagen Beetle – also affectionately known as the Bug – has had more lives than a cat. These animal references are appropriate: the car’s design is actually based on nature. Its original intention was meant to emulate the beauty and efficiency of streamlining and seamless movement, as practiced in the animal kingdom. That it’s […]

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Gina Grad: This is How She Rolls – and Flips – and Jerks Left

The car that saved Gina Grad’s life? A Corolla, of course. Gina is a co-host and news director of The Adam Carolla Show podcast. Though spelled slightly differently, it still an apparent stroke of serendipity that ACS would become her new home. She’s also the co-host of Andy and Gina In the Morning on LA’s KSWD-FM, […]

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Missing Steve McQueen Bullitt Mustang GT 390 Found!

Nearly 50 years after the release of the Steve McQueen flick Bullitt, one of the two original Mustang GT 390s has been found. For decades, the 1968 Mustang GT 390 that was used in the film’s iconic car chase scene was assumed to have been scrapped shortly after production due to the enormous wear and […]

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This weekend, many prominent cars, iconic racers, collectors, and enthusiasts will be visiting Amelia Island for a variety of automotive-related shows, several auctions and other special events that make up the Amelia Island Concours Weekend. Here is a small preview of what one can expect on the small Floridian island:  The 24 Hour War  Film […]

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Ford GT40: The Backstory

The high-performance Ford GT40 is the dream child of Ford Motors, conceived in America and birthed in England. The GT stands for Grand Touring, and the 40 refers to its overall height in inches. It was produced from 1964-1969, and has since become an American racing icon.   In the early 1960s, Henry Ford II […]

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