» Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman



The world knows Paul Newman as an Academy Award winning actor with a fifty-plus year career as one of the most prolific and revered actors in American Cinema. He was also well known for his philanthropy; ‘Newman’s Own’ has given more than 350 million dollars to charities around the world. Yet few know the gasoline-fueled passion that became so important in this complex, multifaceted man’s makeup. He loved racing so much it nearly sidelined his acting career. Newman’s racing career spanned thirty-five years with him winning four national championships as a driver and eight championships as an owner — Not bad for guy who didn’t even start racing until he was forty-seven years old.



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Produced and Directed by Adam Carolla and Nate Adams


Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Patrick Dempsey, Jay Leno, Arthur Newman, Mario Andretti, Sébastian Bourdais, Bob Sharp, Sam Posey, Graham Rahal