» Senna Vs. Brundle




Ayrton Senna remains as one of the most popular Formula 1 drivers to ever grace the racetrack, but how did he get there. Adversity builds champions and this adversity came during 1983 in British Formula 3, where the young Senna engaged in a season-long battle for supremacy against then-unknown Martin Brundle. Relive the drama as Senna, the golden boy, and Brundle, likely on his last shot, push each other to the breaking point for a chance to compete on racing’s biggest stage, Formula 1.


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Produced and Directed by Mario Muth


Martin Brundle, Davy Jones, Calvin Fish, Allen Berg, Mario Hytten, Dick Bennetts, Eddie Jordan, Alastair Macqueen, Neil Trundle, Murray Walker, Jeremy Shaw, David Tremayne, Simon Arron, Keith Sutton